• Documents released in home invasion slaying say suspect admitted to shooting


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV obtained new evidence in the case of a teen who was killed before he could testify in a home invasion case.

    Documents show the accused mastermind in the slaying, Bessman Okafor, confessed to the crime to one of his accomplices.

    Nesley Ciceron is accused of participating in the murder of Valencia College student, Alex Zaldivar, 19, in September to prevent Zaldivar from testifying.

    In a transcript of his interview with police, Ciceron claimed he was outside waiting in the car during the killing of Zaldivar, and that he didn't know about it until afterward.

    Ciceron said Okafor told him "he grabbed the girl," and then his alleged accomplice, Donnell Godfrey, grabbed the other two men and they put them in the living room. Ciceron also said Okafor told him  he shot the girl and she fell down, and then Godfrey shot the men.

    During a recorded interview with investigators, Godfrey denies he was involved.

    Godfrey: "How the (expletive) can I get charged with murder?"

    Investigator: "Because you were in the house."

    Godfrey: "No sir, I was not in the house. I don't even know nothing about no house."

    He does admit to knowing about the plan.

    Investigator: “What did he (Okafor) tell you?”

    Godfrey: “You already know what they did.”

    Investigator: “No, no, I need to hear it from you Donnell. It doesn't matter what I think or what I know.”

    Godfrey: “They said they were going to handle them.”

    Zalidvar's roommates, a brother and sister, were both shot in the head, but survived.

    Okafor was indicted for Zaldivar's murder and will face the death penalty.

    Investigators said Okafor and Nolan Bernard tied up Zaldivar and his family last May, terrorized them and robbed them.

    Then, detectives said, Okafor got help from others, including Ciceron, in planning and murdering Zaldivar and shooting other witnesses the day before they were supposed to testify against him.

    The recorded evidence will likely be played for jurors during Okafor's upcoming trial.


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    Documents released in home invasion slaying say suspect admitted to shooting