• Documents released in Ocoee home invasion slaying


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Hundreds of pages of documents were released in the case of an alleged plot to kill three people the day before they were to testify in a home invasion case.

    Bessman Okafor and several others are facing charges in connection with the shooting death of Alex Zaldivar.

    Police arrested Okafor and Nolan Bernard.

    Zaldivar and his two roommates were defendants in a previous home invasion case, in the very same home where they were all shot. Zaldivar's roommates survived.

    According to documents, during the investigation detectives seized Okafor's cellphone and checked its Internet history.

    Court papers indicate he went online and searched for information on removing gunpowder residue from skin and clothing.

    When questioned by detectives, Okafor denied involvement.

    "I'm telling you, I had nothing to do with whatever went on," Okafor said, according to documents.

    According to the documents, a friend of Okafor told detectives that Okafor said he couldn't let the three roommates show up for trial.

    The documents also show a picture of the car believed to be used the night of the slayings. The picture was taken by a red light camera.

    Seven other people, including Okafor's mother, were arrested in the case.

    Investigators said Okafor's mother tried to bribe the witnesses in an effort to keep them from testifying.

    The documents also indicated that Okafor's cellphone signal was picked up at towers near the house at the time of the crime.

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