• Dog attacked by bear in Heathrow dies from injuries


    HEATHROW, Fla. - Some residents in one Heathrow neighborhood are concerned about bears after one family said their dog was killed in an attack.

    The 3-year-old dog named Brody was fighting for his life after a bear chomped down on him and began climbing a tree with the animal in its mouth last week. Sadly, Brody died on Friday.

    Scott Guidroz said his fiancé, Erica, was loading up her vehicle in their driveway when an adult bear and two cubs started coming toward her and their Yorkie.

    Photos: Dog attacked by bear in Heathrow neighborhood

    "The bear grabbed it in its mouth and ran to this tree, so Erica chased the dog and the black bear to the tree," said Guidroz.

    That's when he said the former military woman wouldn't quit.

    "Erica hit the bear two times," he said.

    The bear dropped the dog, but the damage was done. Brody had extensive surgeries racking up $6,000 in vet bills and had been in the Intensive Care Unit at the vet.

    Guidroz is frustrated because he and neighbors have called for help in the past when bears have been spotted roaming the neighborhood.

    "My little dog had to almost die and my fiancé could've been seriously injured," he said.

    A Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission spokesperson said they did put out a trap last week when another dog was attacked nearby, but someone tampered with it to keep the bear from being caught. 

    The FWC said many times traps are tampered with because people want to save the bears.

    Another trap was put out a day after Brody was attacked, and an adult bear was trapped and killed. Once the cubs are caught, they will be relocated to the Ocala National Forest.

    The FWC has told 9 Investigates in the past that they won't remove or kill a bear for simply being in a neighborhood, but they will if it proves to be a threat.

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