Senior prank could prevent 140 Orange County students from walking at graduation

Video: There appears to be more fall out following the senior prank that turned into vandalism at Wekiva High
A senior prank could prevent more than 100 Orange County high school seniors from walking at graduation.
Last week, eight Wekiva High School students were arrested on vandalism charges, and dozens of their classmates might be penalized for the prank, even though they weren't arrested.
While the school district will not confirm those students will be banned from graduation, several students told Channel 9 that more than 140 seniors will not walk.
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"I just feel it's not right. Nobody's trying to hear our side of the story. They're just going off what they're hearing.  Nobody's trying to hear the students' point of view," student Jakia Dickson said.


Investigators said they found graffiti on campus walls and flour, glitter and baby oil throughout the hallways.

"I'm feeling for these kids because it makes no sense," said student Trinity Bell.

One student who will not be allowed to walk is Wilnes Accius. He told Channel 9 that he was playing music while most others were using toilet paper and bubble wrap.

"We did a prank -- some of it went too far," said Accius. "(Some) got inside the school trashing it, but we shouldn't be held accountable for it."

Another student has started an online petition in hopes that the district will change its mind. That petition already has 3,300 signatures.

Students said some school employees were aware that students intended on pranking the school and gave them access.

The district said the students unlawfully entered the school and the act was vandalism and not a prank.