• Dozens of Orange County schools decontaminated for mold


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County public school leaders said mold was found in dozens of schools across the county.

    The teachers' union claims it’s making teachers sick.

    Channel 9’s Mario Boone began asking questions about mold several days ago after receiving a tip that the mold made a teacher at Dr. Phillips High School sick.

    “She’s not well and she can’t come in to teach, so that’s a loss for those students,” said Diana Moore of the Classroom Teachers Association.

    Moore snapped pictures allegedly showing mold in portable classrooms.



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    “Teachers should not have to be in that environment, but students definitely should not have to be in that environment,” Moore said.

    District leaders fired back saying the portables are no longer in use and disputed when and where the pictures were actually taken.

    District officials said every school on the two-page list of more than 50 schools has been decontaminated by contractors.

    But exactly where in the schools mold was found and how much existed wasn’t immediately available.

    It’s also unclear if parents were notified about the problem.

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