• Dozens of suspected drug dealers arrested in Flagler Co.


    FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - The state's fight against prescription pill mills is working, but some investigators said that's why crack is making a comeback.

    In Flagler County, more than two dozen suspects accused of selling crack, cocaine, cannabis, morphine pills, Dilaudid, oxycodone and even bath salts, were arrested.

    Many of the 26 people charged for selling drugs on the streets have been in jail before, officials said.

    Sheriff Jim Manfre said his office won't stop until the suspects give up dealing.

    "We can't eliminate drug usage and drug possession, but we can make them feel uncomfortable in those neighborhoods, so that they move on," said Manfre.

    Deputies spent two months investigating the suspects in anticipation of Tuesday's sting, which was dubbed Operation Spring Clean.

    Authorities arrested a majority of the dealers in Palm Coast and took drugs of all kinds off the streets.

    "We seized 7 pounds of marijuana, 124 prescription pills, and 15 grams of crack cocaine," said Manfre.

    Fourteen of the dealers were selling crack cocaine, a shift from prescription pills, authorities said. Detectives believe it's a sign that the statewide crackdown on pills could be working.

    "As we know, crack cocaine was the scourge of our communities over a decade ago," said Manfre. "That usage has waned over those years and we're now seeing a resurgence as you can see from the arrests made today."

    In addition to drugs, investigators also seized five guns and $10,000 in cash.

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    Dozens of suspected drug dealers arrested in Flagler Co.