• Dramatic alleged shoplifter takedown caught on camera


    A dramatic takedown during a WFTV interview was something no one could have predicted.

    Four different shoplifters had been caught on camera in two days at the Family Foods Supermarket business managed by Lenin Ubiera-Cruz.

    Ubiera-Cruz was telling WFTV reporter Kenneth Craig about a man who allegedly stole meat, beer, sausage and even stuffed a whole carton of eggs in his pants.

    "At that time, he was, uh," Ubiera-Cruz said, breaking off speaking when someone outside the store caught his eye.

    "Just give me one second," Ubiera-Cruz said, taking off running. "This is the guy that stole the other day."

    First came the takedown.

    "Hey, hey, papito, how are you doing? Come here, come with me -- this is the guy that stole the other day -- no, no, you're going on the floor! You're going on the floor, you're going on the floor. Tell my brother to call to police!" Ubiera-Cruz said as he took the man down.

    Then store workers handcuffed him, and threw the man on the ground again.

    "I don't care, I don't care. That's what I do to the other one," said Ubiera-Cruz when the man began protesting.

    It's not the first time he's taken down a suspected thief.

    Cameras were rolling Thursday when Cruz chased after a suspected meat stealer who punched an employee, then cut Ubiera-Cruz before he was arrested.

    Wednesday, he put another suspected thief in a full nelson hold.

    "No matter what, we want to catch them, no matter what," Ubiera-Cruz said.

    WFTV was there as police arrived and took Lawrence Ratcliff to jail, but not until Cruz gave him one last piece of his mind.

    "I got your face, when you got the meat, the eggs," Ubiera-Cruz said.

    "I ain't took nothing!" Ratcliff said.

    "Don't worry," Ubiera-Cruz said.

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