• Dreamliner lands at Sanford airport for first time


    SANFORD, Fla. - Deborah Roberts has visited central Florida before, but in the past she flew into the Orlando International Airport.

    This is her first time flying into Orlando Sanford International because she wanted to fly on the Dreamliner.

    "'Cause we wanted to go on the Dreamliner, so that's why we chose to come here today," said Roberts.

    She is one of the passengers who landed on the Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner for the first time at the Sanford airport.

    "It was just so big and so light and so airy -- just very smooth and enjoyable," Roberts said.

    Close to 300 passengers can fit inside the plane. The Dreamliner is set to make several flights per week to and from Orlando Sanford International.

    "I think it will boost it $50- or $60,000 a year, easy. For Thomson, just for Thomson," said Sanford airport president and CEO Larry Dale.

    Thomson Airways said the Dreamliner is unlike any other airplane. It has special mood lighting on board and windows that are 30 percent bigger than those on most planes.

    The distance between seats in the Premium Club section is 38 inches. It's 33 inches in the economy, which the airline said is more than any other United Kingdom airline.

    Roberts said she plans to choose Sanford's airport over OIA again in the future.

    "It's a much smaller airport and we were through much quicker than Orlando -- not as busy," Roberts said.

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    Dreamliner lands at Sanford airport for first time