• Deputy refuses sobriety test after crash, dashcam shows


    WINDERMERE, Fla. - WFTV obtained dashcam video of a veteran Orange County deputy who was placed on administrative leave after being accused of crashing into another driver while driving drunk.

    Sgt. Kevin Meyer was off-duty and in uniform, but had his emergency lights on in his unmarked truck when he crashed into a woman on County Road 535 Sunday night.

    The woman told troopers she thought she was being pulled over.

    When state troopers arrived at the scene, they said Meyer was unsteady, confused, slurring his words and acting suspiciously.

    Investigators said Meyer refused to take a sobriety test performed by troopers after the incident.

    Meyer: "Am I required to do all these tests?"

    Trooper: "Are you required?"

    Meyer: "Yes."

    Trooper: "I can't make you do all this."

    Meyer: "OK."

    Trooper: "You understand by not doing the exercises that my only alternative is to base my decision on whether or not to arrest you on the things that I have seen and observed up to that point."

    Authorities said Meyer told troopers the crash happened when he reached for something in the glove box.

    The victim said Meyer pulled up behind her with his emergency lights, even though he was off-duty. When she couldn't immediately pull over, she said, he crashed into her.

    Troopers said her car was hit so hard, it flew up onto the right shoulder, went across the road onto a median and then entered oncoming traffic on the other side of the road.

    The woman told authorities Meyer took it upon himself to talk to a few witnesses and even allowed them to leave without taking any information.

    Troopers said when they arrived, Meyers smelled of alcohol and quit his field sobriety exercises in the middle of them.

    In his truck, troopers said they found a pink bottle of Powerade they think was mixed with alcohol.

    Meyer was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol for driving under the influence, troopers said.

    "It is very upsetting when one of my deputies are accused of doing something," said Sheriff Jerry Demings.

    Demings said Meyer is on desk duty until his agency and Florida Highway Patrol finish up their investigation.

    "We will do an internal investigation as we always do in these types of cases," said Demings. "But the little that I know about it at this point is very disappointing to me as a sheriff."

    Meyer has been with the sheriff's office for more than 20 years.

    Channel 9 obtained records that show he also slammed into the back of a car back in 2006, but he was only given a verbal reprimand.

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