• Elderly Holly Hill theft victim can't get stolen jewelry back from pawn shop without paying


    HOLLY HILL, Fla. - An elderly Holly Hill woman forced out of her home because of mold suffered again when she learned the movers stole her jewelry and pawned it at a local shop.

    Suzette Donnelly, 74, gets around with a cane to stay active, even though she said her doctor advised her to use a wheelchair. Last year, she said a few people who helped her move took advantage of her and stole all of her jewelry and pawned it.

    "The guy turned around and got me outside and while I'm outside, the two girls are in there taking my jewelry," said Donnelly.

    Now, Donnelly either has to pay a few hundred dollars to get her diamond and emerald rings back from Value Pawn in Holly Hill or file a motion for a fee in which a judge will determine whether she gets her property back.

    Donnelly said she can't pay for either, and she can't afford to wait.

    "I need them back to give it to (my children), and I don't want to, I don't know how long I got left in this world, so I need those rings back," she said.

    In a similar story, Action 9 learned pawn shops can legally charge victims of a crime.

    Channel 9's Blaine Tolison went to Value Pawn on Ridgewood Avenue and asked a manager if he'd be willing to help Donnelly. He referred Tolison to a corporate office, where WFTV left a message that has not been returned.

    Donnelly said she wants to tell her story so that someday the law will change, at least for senior citizens.

    "It's a big issue for anybody in my age group having to wait, because we're old," she said. "We're going to die and we can't wait for all this to happen."

    Donnelly said her rings are all she has to pass on to her family.

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