• Testimony: Girl said relative drugged her ice cream, had sex with her


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Victims of a man accused of sexually battering two underage girls in Windermere gave emotional testimonies Tuesday in court.

    Defendant Scott Bush was friends with Daniel Saylor, who was police chief in Windermere when Bush was initially accused of abuse. Saylor pleaded no contest to trying to cover up the investigation.

    Bush could be sentenced to life in prison if he's convicted.

    One alleged victim said Bush told her, "What happens in the Bush house, stays in the Bush house."

    During testimony, Bush shook his head over and over and complained to his attorney as he listened to his oldest daughter, who is not an alleged victim in this case, and other relatives describe a life of emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse under his roof.

    Bush's oldest daughter testified that he stared at her in the shower, and that he was a cold, tyrannical father.

    Another relative, one of the alleged victims, accused Bush of putting drugs in her ice cream and then having sex with her.

    The girl said Bush brought her ice cream to apologize for disciplining her, and he kept prodding her to eat it before it melted. Once she ate it, the girl said, she quickly got very groggy.

    The alleged victim told the jury she saw Bush's abusive behavior with another family member, then became his next target.

    "I had to listen to him or else he'd whip me," she said.

    She also described an incident she said occurred during a trip to Universal Studios.

    "He kissed me on the mouth and he tried to put his tongue in my mouth, and I got mad and pushed him off me, and I ran away and I got in big trouble," the girl said.

    "When we got in the car, he was really mad and he was saying that we were never going to go back and the kids could thank me for it because I was being a (expletive), and he was so mad he was punching the steering wheel and screaming."

    Bush's defense attorney tried to question the victims' credibility during cross examination.

    There was also testimony about his close relationship with Saylor, who was accused of tampering with evidence against him, thwarting the first investigation into alleged abuse.

    Saylor took a plea deal in the case and served a year on work release.

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    Testimony: Girl said relative drugged her ice cream, had sex with her