• Employee caught slamming dog against wall on camera fired


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An employee at a local veterinarian's office has been fired after she was caught on camera slamming a dog against a wall.

    WFTV discovered the employee, Stefanie Stasse, was fired following Thursday's story.

    Friday, the office's owner said he wants her prosecuted, after defending her Thursday.

    Dr. Mohammad Hassan claims he had to go by what his employees told him about the incident, and was also under advice from his lawyer not to say otherwise.

    Even though he said Thursday the incident happened a year and a half ago, Friday he said he doesn't know when the video was taken.

    Hassan, who stood up for his employee after alarming video of vet tech Stasse was posted on YouTube, said she is now fired.

    Hassan said he is going to press charges.

    "If she should serve time in jail, I don't mind that," Hassan said.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office investigated the alleged abuse and is turning the case over to the state attorney's office.

    The video shows the dog being slammed against a wall as many as five times.

    Hassan said Thursday Stasse had to take extreme measures to control the dog and it wasn't hurt.

    "They are hollow walls there, very soft, it's not a concrete wall that if you hit the dog you're going to break his back," Hassan had said Thursday.

    Friday, Hassan said his change of tune was because "Yesterday all I had was the statements from the employees."

    Three former employees contacted Channel 9 after the story aired Thursday.

    Hassan said he fired Sheena Torres, but she claims she quit after seeing abuse and mistreatment.

    "I was not fired, I walked out. I walked out. He was angry with me because I told him, 'Listen, this cat has been here all day without treatment,'" Torres said.

    Torres even complained to Animal Services.

    Reports show the officer found it hard to determine the validity of some claims because the officer was not a veterinarian.

    "I just hope my clients don't hold this against me personally or my good staff," Hassan said.

    Viewers were so upset over the video, they even posted a petition to fire Stasse and close the clinic.

    It will be up to the state attorney's office, once it gets the case, to press charges.

    WFTV also contacted the Department of Business and Professional Licensing Friday, but they have not commented on whether they are investigating or not.

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