• EMS to reevaluate ambulances, paramedics following budget cuts


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - EMS officials in Lake County told WFTV they were reevaluating where to assign paramedics and ambulances after they were forced to cut their budget by $1 million.

    EMS director Jerry Smith said they were removing the agency's ambulance from the small town of Astor, because they said it only answers one emergency call per day.

    The paramedics and truck will be moved to a station in Umatilla, about 20 miles away.

    Some residents, however, aren't happy about the move.

    Astor resident Bonnie Ashworth said, "It needs to be like, right now.  Thirty minutes is too much time, way too much time."

    EMS officials said one paramedic will stay in Astor, and that safety will not be compromised.

    Paramedics will be reassigned in January.

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