• Eustis residents continue fight for crosswalk near senior living facility


    EUSTIS, Fla. - Residents in a Eustis senior living facility have been fighting to get a crosswalk outside of their home, with no luck.

    Residents said walking outside the Franklin House, a home for seniors, on busy Kurt Street is even more dangerous than ever.
    Clemencia Herrera said she'll never be a shut-in. But driving her mobility scooter around her neighborhood comes with risks.

    "We can never tell what can happen.  We can be run over.  We can have an accident.  We don't know," said Herrera.

    Herrera lives in the Franklin House. Many of the residents are disabled. 

    In 2009, some called Channel 9 about the need for a crosswalk on the busy street in front of the facility. 

    Four years later and there is still no crosswalk here, leaving lots of frustrated residents and neighbors.

    "Do you consider it just as dangerous now or even more?" Channel 9 reporter Berndt Petersen asked neighborhood resident Leonard Wheeler.

    "More dangerous," Wheeler replied.

    Wheeler, an advocate for the disabled and the Franklin House, arranged a meeting between U.S. Rep. Dan Webster and several local residents who had a variety of concerns facing people with disabilities. 

    Wheeler said the city of Eustis and Lake County have failed to fix the problem.  He said if Webster can't help, he's taking it up a notch.

    "I'm going to the U.S. District Court and get a court order," said Wheeler.

    Herrera said she will go about her business and count her blessings every time she makes it across Kurt Street safely.

    "It is scary.  But, with the help of God that's all we have to do," said Herrera.

    Local officials have insisted a crosswalk is not necessary along that section of Kurt Street.

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    Eustis residents continue fight for crosswalk near senior living facility