• Everglades visitors given anti-vulture kits


    EVERGLADES - People visiting the Everglades are being given anti-vulture kits because the birds are taking over the park and destroying cars, officials said.

    The vultures are after the rubber on vehicles. Officials said windshield wipers, sunroof seals and tires are at risk of being torn off.

    The vultures migrated to South Florida this winter, and zoologists said they've only come up with temporary solutions to the problem.

    "The patron is away from the vehicle. They get down in the vehicle very, very quickly. [With] these birds, it only takes a few minutes to do that kind of damage," said Miami Zoologist Ron Magill.

    The anti-vulture kits are free and include a tarp and bungee cords to protect the rubber on the cars.

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    Everglades visitors given anti-vulture kits