• Ex-OPD cop accused of sex with suspect allegedly lies during questioning


    ORLANDO, Fla. - After Orlando police officer Rod Johnson swore to tell the truth, police said he repeatedly lied about an encounter with a young woman after he arrested her for car theft in October.

    The woman asked Channel 9 not to show her face, but she said the armed, uniformed officer took her to a police substation, unlocked one of her handcuffs and had sex with her.

    The newly released recorded interview shows Johnson repeatedly denied the allegations to sex crimes detective Rick Salcedo.

    “No, that's definitely a no,” Johnson said during questioning... “No, Rick … Didn't happen … My DNA is not going to be on that lady… We did not have sex.”

    Johnson never wavered from those denials, but he did go back on a few others like whether he or the woman ever went into the police substation.

    “Did you guys go in?” asked Salcedo.

    “No,” Johnson replied.

    But later, Johnson confessed, saying, “I went in. I’m sorry.”

    Ten minutes later, he admitted that the woman also went in.

    “I took her cuffs off and let her take a (expletive),” Johnson said.

    Johnson also denied giving the alleged victim $40.

    “Didn't happen, Rick,” he said.

    But 12 minutes later, he said, “I did stick the $40 bucks in her pocket… to help her out.”

    While Johnson’s story has changed several times, the woman’s story has not.

    “I wasn't forced or raped or nothing like that,” she said. “It was consensual, but now the fact is that, you know, I knew it wasn't right then. It wasn't right for him or me.”

    The woman said she was afraid to say no, because she was afraid Johnson would get violent with her or add more criminal charges against her.

    It's been four months now since the investigation began. The Orlando Police Department is still working on its internal investigation into Johnson, even though he retired earlier this year.

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    Ex-OPD cop accused of sex with suspect allegedly lies during questioning