• Eyewitness News speaks with victim in high-speed I-95 chase


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Officials released dash cam video of a high speed chase that reached 100 mph on Interstate 95.

    The victim who was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and taken for a ride is telling her story of survival.

    Elizabeth Hamilton said that her ex went through emotional changes over their three-and-a-half-year relationship.

    While she grew apart from him and wanted to move on, he didn't

    This week, Brett Lee Curtis took it to the extreme. Hamilton was held at gunpoint.

    "You've got three officers ganging up on me right now and I have enough ammunition to kill her and myself. Don't (expletive) toy with me. Get them off my (expletive) now," Curtis said in a 911 call.

    "He wanted me to spend the last moments of my life with him," Hamilton said.

    The 26-year-old victim said she ended her relationship with 28-year-old Curtis, but he would show up at work and threatened her life and that of her family.

    Tuesday was supposed to be a court hearing regarding her restraining order.

    "I guess he didn't want to go to court, I don't know," Hamilton said.

    During one of the four 911 calls, Curtis put Hamilton on the phone.

    "I have been kidnapped and we're being followed and he's going to kill me if they keep following him," Hamilton said on that call. "He says that if he tries to stop him before then that I'm going to get hurt."

    "He looked over at me and said, 'Three hours ago this seemed to be a good idea,'" Hamilton told Channel 9.

    "Sir, why don't you pull over so we can end this peacefully?" a responder said.

    "That's not going to happen," said Curtis.

    After a 45-minute chase, police finally punctured his tires. Hamilton jumped out unharmed. Curtis fatally shot himself.

    "He wasn't asking me to get back with him, He wanted me to spend the last moments of his life with him," Hamilton said.

    Hamilton said that Curtis was never violent during their relationship and only had the one threat, but she had gotten the restraining order because he kept hanging around where she worked.

    She said she didn't know until she was kidnapped that he was capable of what he did.

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    Eyewitness News speaks with victim in high-speed I-95 chase

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