Fake cop dresses dog as police K-9, tries to break in to Palm Bay officer's home, officials say

Anthony Ottaviano is accused of going to a police officer’s home on Sunday and trying to gain entry, Palm Bay police said. Two Palm Bay police officers live at the house.

PALM BAY, Fla. — Ottaviano, 36, who was wearing tactical style pants and a shirt that read "K-9 Handler" partially parked in the officer's driveway with his strobe lights. He also had a dog that was wearing a tactical style vest and leash, police said. The officer called police to report the suspicious behavior.

“They immediately identified themselves as Palm Bay police officers, what’s your intent? They looked outside and the gun was dressed in police tactical gear, he had a canine with him,” said Lt. Mike Bandish, Palm Bay police department. “He had an impala with red and blue lights. There were a little bit concerned.”
When the officer inside the home questioned Ottaviano, he said he worked for Homeland Security. Palm Bay police said that is not true.
The officer found a tactical style vest, a police style badge and several other tactical items inside Ottaviano’s vehicle, police said.




When questioned by investigators, Ottaviano did not give a reason for going to the officer’s home, police said.
Eyewitness News learned Ottaviano is a licensed paramedic with Sunstar Paramedics in Pinellas County. He has been suspended pending an investigation.
Ottavian told a judge during court Monday, this was all a misunderstanding.
He’s been charged with impersonating officer during commissioner of felony and attempted burglary.
“We want to follow up on this and see if there are any other victim’s out there,” Bandish said.
Ottaviano remains in the Brevard County jail.