• Family of girl left with brain damage suing man convicted of shooting her


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The family of Danielle Sampson is suing the man convicted of shooting her and leaving her with severe brain damage.

    The lawsuit accused Tyrone Mosby of negligence for last year's shooting.

    Channel 9's Ryan Hughes spoke with Sampson's mother, who compared her daughter's case to another high-profile one.

    The family of murdered Orlando police officer Alfred Gordon collected a $24 million civil verdict from his killers.

    Sampson's mother, Alma Fletcher, said she wants Mosby to pay for his wrongs.

    The family of the severely brain injured 16-year-old just slapped the convicted attempted murderer with a civil lawsuit.

    "The only way Danielle will receive any civil justice or any monetary compensation for what Mr. Mosby did, which is this damage, is to bring this case," family attorney Dan Newlin said.

    In July 2012, Mosby fired shots in a Pine Hills neighborhood as he ran from a burglary.

    One of the bullets struck Danielle, who was coming back from church with her family, in the head.

    A jury found Mosby guilty of attempted murder a few months ago, and he's waiting to be sentenced.

    He'll also have a civil case to deal with.

    The family said it may collect little, if anything from Mosby, even if he is one day released from prison.

    Fletcher said it's not simply about the money, but more about the precedent.

    "I cannot put a price on my daughter's life. I just need him to pay for the crime that he does," Fletcher said.

    The lawsuit was filed in Orange County a month ago.

    The family hopes to get a jury trial.

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