• Family holds garage sale after husband furloughed due to shutdown


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The impact of the federal government shutdown is trickling down to one local family not directly employed by the federal government.

    Pierrre Gravelat's family members said they've had to take drastic measures to stay afloat, so they're holding a garage sale at their Titusville home on Hollins Drive.

    There aren't a lot of items to be sold, because the sale was thrown together at the last minute.

    Dara Yarosh, Gravelat's wife, said she expected her husband to be back to work by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. She said that until the shutdown is over, they'll have no income.

    "I think by Wednesday we looked at each other and said we better get some garage stuff together," said Yarosh.

    Gravelat works for a company that does Information Technology work for NASA. Even though he's not a government employee he's furloughed until the shutdown ends.

    "I was just hoping this would be solved in about a day, and every day that passes because we don't get paid I get closer to having to make some tough choices about what we have to pay," said Gravelat.

    To separate theirs from the typical garage sale, the family created their own signs telling exactly why they need the money.

    They said the signs are working and are bringing some people in, just out of curiosity.

    "Believe me I would be doing the same thing. Most likely will before this is all over," said Virginia Poole, who stopped by the garage sale.

    The family said they know they won't make much off the old items.

    "We thought, 'Well, this is a good opportunity to make a buck and sustain ourselves for a few days,'" said Gravelat.

    "We should vote these people out that are causing us, not them, to lose our livelihoods," said Yarosh.

    To make matters worse for the family, Gravelat said if the shutdown doesn't end, his company may have to lay off some workers.

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    Family holds garage sale after husband furloughed due to shutdown

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