• FAMU hopes civil suit over hazing death will be halted


    The Fifth District Court of Appeal will review a decision to allow a civil lawsuit against FAMU to stand.

    Robert Champion's family is suing the school following his hazing death at the Florida Classic in Orlando in 2011.

    Pam Champion stood to face two of the former FAMU students accused in the hazing death of her son.

    Champion and her husband are suing the school for allowing the hazing to happen, but now FAMU is asking an appeals court to step in and stop the lawsuit.

    The Champions argue the organized beating aboard a bus should never have happened, and FAMU bears part of the blame.

    Last month, a circuit court judge refused to throw the case out.

    The school has argued Champion was aware of the hazing culture and did not object.

    Now the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona will review the circuit court's decision and FAMU hopes, overturn it.

    The school's lawyers argue a lawsuit is unwarranted and allowing it to go forward will subject the school and Florida taxpayers to the unnecessary expense of staging a costly defense.

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