Father says son was also assaulted inside Oviedo High School locker room

Father says son was also assaulted inside Oviedo High School locker room

OVIEDO, Fla. — Another parent has come forward with claims that their child was abused inside the locker room at Oviedo High School.

After watching Channel 9's report in which a freshman student said he was the target of unwanted touching, a father asked his son if he knew what "code red" was.

The boy then told his father it had happened to him last year, when someone allegedly bent him over a bench and violated him with their thumb.

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"He described to me what happened to him," said the father. "He said 'I was bent over a bench in the locker room, held down by my face and a thumb was shoved up my butt.'"

The father said his son didn't say if his clothes were on.

Oviedo police told Channel 9 that, through their interview with players last year after an incident, they learned that "code red" meant something different. A student was charged with battery in that case, but prosecutors later decided to drop the charge.

"It happened to numerous kids and they were afraid to come forward with it because they wanted to play football," the father said. "They thought, if coaches got fired, there would be no football or there would be retaliation. They feel it's a hostile environment there."

The father also told Channel 9 that certain positions, such as quarterback, running back and kicker aren't targeted.

"Please, parents, talk to your kids," the father said. "If this was your daughter, where would you be standing right now? You would be at the front gates of that school demanding action."

The father said his family plans to file a complaint.

A spokesperson for the district said they want to hear directly from other parents so it can investigate.