• Father, son hospitalized after being stung more than 300 times by wasps


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County father and son are fighting for their lives after being attacked by a swarm of wasps.

    The attacks happened last Wednesday in a wooded area along the Little Wekiva River.

    WFTV spoke with the wife and mother of the victims, Jennifer Jones. She said her husband, David Alvarez, and her 7-year-old son, Jordan, are in intensive care.

    "The strength of God is helping me.  You never think something like this will happen," said Jones.

    David and Jordan took their dog for a walk by the river last Wednesday when they were attacked by wasps.  A passerby called 911. 

    Caller: "I was just driving down the road and two people just came out of the woods covered in bees yelling for help. They're saying they can't breathe."

    Jones said her son was stung 300 times and her husband was stung more than that.

    Jordan is doing better after almost a week in intensive care, but his dad is much worse. Doctors said they believe he's battling an allergic reaction. He's still unconscious.

    WFTV took a closer look at the area where they were attacked. There were "No Trespassing" signs.

    The owners of the property told WFTV that their hearts go out to the family.

    But they also stressed that it can be dangerous to walk on that type of property near a river bed, saying "This is Florida and nobody knows what lives in these canals."

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    Father, son hospitalized after being stung more than 300 times by wasps