• Father of teen killed in home invasion talks to WFTV


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The father of an Ocoee teenager shot and killed in a home invasion spoke to WFTV's Daralene Jones on Tuesday.

    Last week Alex Zaldivar was killed and two others were shot in the head at their Ocoee home.

    Zaldivar's father, Rafael Zaldivar, said he believes his son and his roommates were targeted because they were going to testify against two men.

    On Tuesday, Rafael Zaldivar and his wife invited WFTV to Woodlawn Cemetery, where they buried their son, Alex, on Saturday.

    The grave site is still fresh, and so are the memories of his death.

    "The blood spatter was incredible. It was like rivers of blood just running," said Rafael Zaldivar.

    Alex had just turned 19. His parents said he was model, enrolled in his first semester at Valencia College and lived with two friends, Brienna Campos and her brother, Remington.

    Alex's father said gunmen kicked in the front door of their Ocoee home and dragged them out of bed.

    "[Alex] grabbed her hand and then grabbed her brother's hands and said 'I love you guys,' " said Rafael Zaldivar.

    Brienna and Remington were shot in the head. Then, the home invaders pulled the trigger on Alex. Brienna and Remington survived.

    "They shot him like a coward in the back of the head, in his back. Like a dog, like a piece of trash," said Rafael Zaldivar.

    Ocoee police have released few details about the case. But officials said last week that Bessman Okafor is a person of interest.

    Brienna and Alex were scheduled to testify against him at trial the day after they were shot.

    Police said Okafor and Nolan Bernard were charged with burglary and home invasion at the same home in May. The same residents were terrorized back then and much of their belongings stolen while the attackers demanded drugs.

    After that violent home invasion in May, Okafor was released on $65,000 bond and placed on home confinement, which doesn't track the person's location. Records show he left home about 35 minutes before the shooting last week.

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