• FDOT memo outlines ups and downs of SunRail


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - While the new SunRail commuter train has seen double the expected passengers, it’s also seen its share of hang-ups, according to a new report.

    WFTV obtained the list of problems state transportation officials reported after they rode the trains themselves.

    An internal memo from the Florida Department of Transportation included a long list of problems during SunRail’s first week, but the memo also shows what’s working with the new train.

    The memo picks apart a lot about passenger’s SunRail experience, from the platforms, to the signage, to the traffic gates, which are not all working properly.

    Delays, crowds, and a minor crash, have become issues for the start-up of SunRail.

    Ridership, however, has become double what was expected.

    Channel 9’s Tim Barber rode SunRail Thursday and was told by some passengers the train cars and platforms need better signage and more storage for bikes.

    Another thing Barber found in the memo is that passengers may soon be inundated with more advertisements, because some ad spots on the train aren’t being utilized.

    Audio issues were another issue in the memo.

    The memo said it was difficult to hear the conductor speak over the intercom.

    Other concerns revolved around safety.

    Barber found people sitting on stairwells inside the train.

    He shot cellphone video of the traffic gates coming down for a second time after SunRail had passed.

    The report said one time the gate came down quickly on a car hood.

    Riders said they are glad FDOT is being proactive in fixing any immediate issues, and coming up with ways to make the ride more enjoyable.

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    FDOT memo outlines ups and downs of SunRail