• Feral cats a problem for Seminole Co. Animal Services


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Seminole County Animal Services is in dire need of volunteers. The number of animals being put down is on the rise, but WFTV's Tim Barber found out there is a way to help without having to take home so many pets.

    There are so many cats and dogs in Seminole County without homes that officials have no choice but to put many of them down.

    "I think it is overpopulation, plain and simple, overpopulation," one volunteer said.

    In the last year, the kill rate increased by more than 350 animals.

    Animal services manager Morgan Woodward said that it is, "because of our huge feral cat problem."

    Woodward said the new foster care program needs donations, but more importantly, volunteers.

    "That is an appalling number, and I think people need to realize that these are animals that live their lives as kittens and puppies, but they do grow up," Woodward said.

    On a yearly average, 75 percent of dogs make it out of the county shelter, compared to only 17 percent of cats.

    "Cats are like any other animal, every domestic animal needs a home," Woodward said.

    The county said it is also working with outside groups like Friends of Feral Animals to rescue cats at the rate other organizations rescue dogs.

    The animal services' halls are lined with pictures of animals with their names, in hopes that it will inspire people to find a little time or a place to help them.

    "Anyone who has a home for an animal needs to make sure the animal is spayed or neutered," Woodward said.

    The county said the foster care budget is all from donation money.

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