• Family business suffers new setback from stubborn fire in Volusia County

    By: Sarahbeth Ackerman


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A lightning strike may be to blame for a fire at a Volusia County fernery that reignited Thursday morning.

    The family-owned business near East Washington Avenue in Pierson lost tractors, sprayers and other equipment.

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    It took firefighters nearly 45 minutes to put the fire out when it first started Wednesday around 9 p.m. Early Thursday morning, the flames rekindled around 5 a.m. and kept burning until after sunrise.

    The owner told Channel 9's Sarahbeth Ackerman this fire was just the latest setback for his business. It suffered setbacks during hurricanes Matthew and Irma, as well as cold temperatures earlier this year.

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    "We just gotta get through this," said Dean Hagstrom, owner of Richard Hagstrom Ferneries. "Get through the investigation, the insurance and all of that. Then we have to get out here and clean it all up."

    No one was hurt and no other buildings were damaged.

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