• FHP dashcam video shows Lake Co. teacher during DUI arrest


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Florida Highway Patrol dashcam video shows a Lake County elementary school teacher as he was arrested on a DUI charge.

    Jason Gross was in the back seat of an FHP cruiser when he told the trooper he'd only been sober for about half of the days throughout the last two months.

    The video shows Gross as he tried to convince the trooper to let him go.

    "If I could just pull, pull over and like call a cab," Gross told the trooper. "I will walk, walk home."

    WFTV's Tim Barber learned that it is the fourth time Gross has been charged with drinking and driving.

    "I am not going to cut you a break just because," the trooper is heard telling Gross.

    "I have, I have never asked you to," Gross said.

    "You have asked me to," said the trooper.

    Gross, 37, is a teacher at Lake County's Groveland Elementary School.

    "If he going to jail for DUI, what does that teach the kids?" said parent Quantas Williams when told of the arrest.

    William's three children attend Groveland Elementary.

    "He shouldn't be teaching at the school if he's going to jail for a DUI," said Williams.

    District leaders said Gross could be fired if he's convicted of the fourth DUI because it would make him a habitual offender and upgrade the charge to a felony.

    Gross said he was on his way back from the Knight Library bar.

    The trooper said he pulled Gross over because he made an illegal U-turn.

    When he was out of his car Gross seemed a little confused over his wardrobe.

    "I am wearing cowboy boots and I have heard everything that you've said," Gross told the trooper.

    "You can take your shoes, your cowboy boots, off if you'd like," the trooper said.

    The trooper is then seen looking down at Gross' feet.

    "You are not wearing cowboy boots. You are wearing dress shoes," the trooper said.

    Troopers said Gross registered nearly twice the legal limit when tested for alcohol.

    He was booked into the Orange County Jail.

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    FHP dashcam video shows Lake Co. teacher during DUI arrest