• Firefighters at Lake County station say drinking water isn't safe


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - The water that comes out of the faucets at Lake County Fire Station 13 in Paisley isn't very appealing.

    "Yeah, it does have a smell to it and it looks like sludge coming out," said Fire Union President Brian Gamble.
    Gamble said firefighters at that station have been dealing with water quality issues since the place was built back in 2010.
    Firefighters are concerned that the water isn't safe.
    County fire officials admit that there is a problem.
    "We're not happy with the quality of water that we're giving our folks out here. And we're going to be address this is quickly as we can," said Asst. Fire Chief Jack Fillman.
    They said sometimes the water comes out clear but other times it is a cloudy mess.
    "Unfortunately the only option we have out here is well (water) and the water here is not that great," said Fillman.
    Officials said that at one time there was E. coli in the water but they have since installed water filtration and chlorination systems.
    Officials said the water is checked quarterly, and they said the latest test results show the water is safe to drink.
    Firefighters at Station 13 aren't so sure about the safety of the water and said they think something needs to change.
    "It's just gotten worse and worse, the longer the well system has been there," said Gamble.
    Fire officials said that they are providing bottled water for the firefighters to drink.

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    Firefighters at Lake County station say drinking water isn't safe