Firefighters warn of arsonist targeting Orlando neighborhoods

ORLANDO, Fla. — Fire officials said another Orlando neighborhood is being targeted by an arsonist.

This comes after a recent rash of dumpster and recycling bin fires.

Two more were set this morning, bringing the total across the city to nine.

The most recent fires were started in trash bins and dumpsters on Hillcrest Street.

There were tense moments for business owner Brant Flemings when he pulled into work Thursday.

“We hadn't heard anything about it 'till this morning when we showed up to work and a fire track was putting a fire out in our dumpster,” Flemings said.

Fire officials said they received a call shortly after 7 a.m., and three hours earlier, they also responded to a fence and truck that caught fire across the street.

Investigators said since last Thursday, there have been seven other fires across the city that started in dumpsters and trash bins.

Fire officials are now calling all of these fires intentional.

“We've been very fortunate to put every one of these out very quickly,” Orlando Fire Department Deputy Chief Rich Wales said. “Before it causes any more damage than a little bit of a fence. . . we certainly want to find the culprit and stop this from happening so it doesn't turn into something else.”

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