Florida lawmakers unveil bill to ban assault-style weapons

Video: Florida lawmakers unveil bill to ban assault-style weapons
Sen. Linda Stewart and Rep. Carlos Guillermo-Smith from Orlando unveiled a bill Wednesday to ban assault-style weapons, specific models and high-capacity magazines.
Patti Brigham of the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence spoke in front of the Orange County Courthouse Wednesday, pushing the bill.
“America has become a battlefield. It does not have to be this way," Brigham said.
The gun used in the Pulse attack is one of almost two-dozen that would be banned under the bill.
We are refiling that legislation banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines," Guillermo-Smith said.
Pulse survivor Angel Santiago, and the mother of a Pulse victim, Amanda Alvear, talked about why they think the bill is important, and what they went through as a result of someone using those types of weapons.
Santiago and Alvear said they believe the mass shooting in Las Vegas proves an assault weapons ban is needed. 
"I’m not against the 2nd Amendment. I believe it is our individual right to protect ourselves," said Santiago Jr.
But Santiago Jr. said that having access to those weapons and large-capacity magazines are at least partially to blame for killing and injuring so many in the attacks.
“Sale of these weapons haven't ceased after all these attacks. I’m outraged this is more important, the profit margin, than the people's lives we have lost,” said Alvear.
The first time the bill was presented in Tallahassee, it never left the committee.
"I don't want anyone else to live with this pain, this hurt, this sorrow. No one should have to go through this horrific nightmare," Alvear said.
Stewart and Guillermo-Smith said they hope the bill gets to a vote in the House and Senate.