• Florida teacher evaluation results released


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The corrected results for the first teacher evaluations under the state's controversial new merit-pay system are now available for viewing.

    On Wednesday the results were put online, but then taken down because state education officials realized they were filled with errors.

    Officials said they realized the problem was that some districts submitted duplicate information for teachers who are paid from more than one source.

    The evaluations are based mostly on student tests scores, and will eventually be used to decide how much money teachers will make, and even if they get to keep their jobs.

    According to the newly released numbers, central Florida fared well.

    Flagler County stood out with more than 90 percent of its teachers ranked as "highly effective."

    In Orange County, only about 1 percent of teachers were ranked "highly effective," but almost 98 percent were considered "effective."

    Almost 30 percent of Polk County's teachers were not evaluated, but officials said that was probably because the county missed the deadline to submit results.

    The results are preliminary. A final report will be released in January.

    SEE THE RESULTS: State wide teacher evaluations

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    Florida teacher evaluation results released