Florida toddler with cancer needs rare blood

Florida toddler with cancer needs rare blood

ORLANDO, Fla. — A 2-year-old South Florida girl who has cancer needs a very rare type of blood, OneBlood said Monday.

The blood bank said it has organized a worldwide search for donors who could be a possible match for Zainab.

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Potential donors must be exclusively of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, meaning the donor’s birth parents are both 100 percent Pakistani, Indian or Iranian, and they must have Type O or Type A blood.

Officials said all donations must be coordinated with the blood bank in advance to ensure that additional compatibility testing is performed.

The Search for Rare Blood Donors for Zainab

Please share and help us find rare blood donors for Zainab. OneBlood is leading a worldwide search to find extremely rare blood donors to help Zainab, a two-year-old Florida girl, who is battling cancer. Watch the video to learn more. Visit OneBlood.org/Zainab.

Posted by OneBlood on Monday, December 3, 2018