• Food bandit hitting Sanford restaurants


    SANFORD, Fla. - There's a food bandit on the loose in downtown Sanford.

    A rash of thefts from restaurants along the First Street strip have the victims wondering just what the thief, or thieves, might be up to.

    "I just think people are hungry and we're an easy target," said restaurant owner Lauren Drake.

    Drake's restaurant, La Sirena Gorda Cabana, is one of the restaurants hit in April. She had 70 pounds of meat and seafood stolen from an outside freezer last week.

    "There was food laying all over the floor in the back. Somebody had popped the lock to our freezer and stolen all of our fish and shrimp," said Drake.

    All the restaurants that were hit are within a block of each other.

    At the Breezeway Restaurant, dozens of pounds of steak was stolen along with some beer that happened to be in the same cooler.

    An ice cream shop reported that patio furniture was stolen the same week.

    "Obviously they're eating what they've stolen, so it's not going to waste. It's not money, but it still hurts a small business like this," said Drake.

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    Food bandit hitting Sanford restaurants