• Ford offers repairs for Explorers carbon monoxide issues

    By: Field Sutton , WFTV Web Staff


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Ford announced Tuesday that it will offer a free service to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that may enter its Ford Explorers.

    Ford said it’s aware some owners of the 2011 -

    2017 Explorers are worried about exhaust or carbon monoxide. Ford said its vehicles are safe and an investigation found the monoxide levels do not exceed what people are exposed to every day.

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    Customers can take their vehicles, regardless of mileage or warranty status, to a Ford dealer to have this service performed, starting Nov. 1, 2017, through Dec. 31, 2018, a spokesperson for Ford said.

    Repair shops will reprogram the air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves and inspect sealing of the rear of the vehicle for free.

    The repairs are voluntarily since a recall has never been announced.

    "Obviously, they have a significant problem. And I don't, I don't know that they know how to fix it. I know they didn't fix mine," former Ford owner Mike Dalton told Channel 9's Field Sutton.

    Members of the Dalton family in Palm Bay told Eyewitness News that their Explorer had triggered their son's asthma attacks. They said numerous repairs to the vehicle failed to keep the exhaust out.

    "I think it's a step in the right direction, but it's just a shame that they still, in everything they put out, they don't take responsibility for it," Krista Dalton said.


    People can call 888-260-5575 if they have more questions or visit this website.

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    Channel 9’s Field Sutton found out the repair program goes further in some ways, because it opens repair opportunities to all owners of all Explorers built since 2011. Previously, the repairs would only apply to the original car owner and if the warrant was in effect.

    However, the repairs being offered for free are less comprehensive than what is offered under previously issued Technical Service Bulletins, which prescribed additional repairs and changes to the cabin ventilation system and the tailpipes.

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    Also going back to the family that originally sounded the alarm on Channel 9 after fighting Ford on this issue long before it became publicly known. They’ll be talking about the vindication of finally see their fight expand into an opportunity for all owners to obtain repairs.

    Law enforcement across the country filed complaints over exhaust concerns in the Police Interceptor version of the Explorer in patrol fleets.

    Police complaints included several crashes with injuries due to carbon monoxide exposure.



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    Ford said those concerns are related to unsealed holes from the installation of police equipment by third parties after the vehicle was purchased.

    The Ford Explorer repairs include 1.3 million vehicles in the United States, 84,000 in Canada and 24,000 in Mexico. The Ford reference number for this service is 17N03.

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    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told Eyewitness News in a statement,

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s top priority is safety and its investigation into model year 2011-2017 Ford Explorer SUVs is active and ongoing.

    The customer satisfaction campaign announced by Ford does not bring closure to this issue.  

    NHTSA encourages owners to contact their dealer regarding the satisfaction campaign. Owners who experience exhaust odor or have concerns about carbon monoxide exposure should contact NHTSA by calling (888) 327-4236 or visiting NHTSA.gov and clicking ‘report a problem’.”

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