• Former Ocala teacher accused of returning to campus to steal school property

    By: Myrt Price


    OCALA, Fla. - A former Fort King Middle School teacher who resigned after a co-worker reported she appeared to be intoxicated is now accused of stealing school property.

    Sharon Easterly-Meggison resigned shortly after being required to take a drug test and was instructed to return any school property, including her keys, school administrators said.

    “We have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol at the workplace … you can’t go to work under the influence of something,” Marion County Public Schools spokesman Kevin Christian said.

    While Easterly-Meggison was ordered to bring district property back to Fort King Middle School, she was expressly told she had to be escorted when on campus, Christian said.

    “She was given direction not to be on campus alone,” he said.

    Despite that warning, officials say Easterly-Meggison allegedly snuck onto campus and stole a computer.

    Police said she tried to sneak back onto campus earlier this week to return the property, but police spotted her and she was arrested.

    While searching Easterly-Meggison’s vehicle, police also reported finding bullets, drug paraphernalia and trace amounts of cocaine.

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