• Former Sanford EMT surrenders license after drug use allegations by state


    SANFORD, Fla. - A former Sanford paramedic-EMT has surrendered her license to practice in Florida.

    State documents said the woman had drugs in her system while she was working.

    Channel 9's Ryan Hughes spoke with the woman, who denied the allegations.

    The Florida Department of Health accepted the voluntary license surrender from Shari Brown.

    It comes after a 2012 incident in which state investigators claim Brown was under the influence of controlled drugs -- specifically morphine and Valium – while on duty.

    The state paperwork also said Brown was in possession of a syringe, capped needle and IV lock during work, without a legitimate medical purpose.

    Hughes talked with Brown on Friday.

    "What do you say about the allegation that you were high while in an ambulance?" Hughes asked.

    "Nothing. No comment. It's not true, but I have nothing to say," said Brown.

    Brown told Hughes she now works as a massage therapist.

    Sanford police investigated Brown on grand larceny charges in 2012, for allegedly stealing those drugs from an ambulance.

    A police spokeswoman said the State Attorney's Office did not find sufficient evidence for prosecution.

    In another incident, the Department of Health said that Brown reported having dispensed 32 doses of Benadryl to patients, when the fire department only treated three people with Benadryl.

    In that police paperwork Brown told investigators she had morphine in her system from a personal hospital visit due to severe migraines.

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    Former Sanford EMT surrenders license after drug use allegations by state