Former Seminole County deputy accused of sending sexually charged note to county employee

SANFORD, Fla. — A Seminole County deputy is accused of sending a sexually charged note to an employee of the property appraiser’s office.

The day he allegedly handed the note to the victim, authorities said, deputy Gerald Taylor wasn't even supposed to be working at the county commission building.

But records show he spent 30 minutes there and even tried to cover it up.

The note that was handed to the victim is so graphic WFTV News can only share the last line which reads, “I need you baby."

According to an internal affairs report, after the victim read the note she became so upset that she reported it to her superior.

The alleged victim indicated to investigators that her relationship with Taylor is nothing more than that of a "friend," and someone she knows who provides security for her building while she is at work.

She made it clear that she never interacted with him outside the building or on social media.

Investigators reportedly pulled security camera video from the county building that allegedly showed Taylor walking down the hallway toward the employee offices of the property appraiser's office on Aug. 7.

Investigators with the sheriff's office said Taylor wasn't assigned to work security at the county offices that day.

Thirty minutes later, that same camera caught him leaving.

GPS records pulled for the investigation of that day show Taylor at the county building, but Taylor allegedly indicated via an active call system that he was on an area patrol a quarter of a mile away.

When questioned, Taylor said he stopped at the building to use the bathroom.

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He reportedly admitted to writing the note and explained the two phone records pulled from his department issued cellphone couldn't find any connection to the victim.

However, it did show hours of calls to a certain number listed under the name of a former deputy.

The report shows on one day, he allegedly spent 215 minutes on the phone, when he should have been working.

Taylor admitted it was not the victim's number, but a girl he talks to all the time.

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And it was also discovered that Taylor violated department policy by using the state database to run the alleged victim's license plates on her car.

According to records, Taylor resigned from the department in March before a final ruling was issued.