• Former St. Cloud bouncer helps catch alleged teen robber


    ST. CLOUD, Fla. - A former St. Cloud bouncer said he had to pull out some of his training techniques on a teenage robber in his neighborhood, and was nearly stabbed in the process.

    “My neighbor came out and knocked on my back door and said, 'Hey, somebody just went into Donnie’s back yard,' so I came running out,” said witness Dennis Fagg.

    Fagg said he wasn’t about to let anyone break into his neighbor, Donald Vanschaick’s home so he sprang into action, and grabbed one of the teens before they got away.

    Pictures show Vanschaick’s broken window and ransacked bedroom.

    “He was running this way and I came right there and grabbed him by his arm,” Fagg said.

    He said the teen he was holding, Zachary Berry, started to struggle with him and he had to take him to the ground.

    “I was a bouncer here in St. Cloud for several years and it was just stuff I did to take drunks out of a bar,” Fagg said.

    He said the teen tried to stab him while he was holding him down.

    “I couldn’t really see his hand I saw something shiny and then Don said, 'He’s got a knife,'", Fagg said.

    Vanschaick snatched the knife out of the teen’s hand and helped Fagg hold Berry down until police arrived.

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    Former St. Cloud bouncer helps catch alleged teen robber