• 4 arrested after meth lab found in South Daytona Beach home


    SOUTH DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Police said several suspects were taken into custody after authorities found a methamphetamine lab in a South Daytona Beach home Wednesday morning.

    The complaints of thefts and unusually high traffic in the area prompted a three-month investigation that resulted in Wednesday raid on New York Avenue.

    Officials said the home was too dangerous for a SWAT team to go inside, so the occupants were ordered out one-by-one.

    A special task force said they found a moderate-sized methamphetamine lab and meth oil inside, authorities said. Officials said they found meth and meth-making ingredients in cabinets, under beds and hidden in speakers.

     Investigators believe the residents in the home were also dealing the drug.

    Officials said they arrested four people, among them a convicted sex offender.

    Brian Bunel, 45, was among the four people arrested. Channel 9 learned he has been in jail 13 times in the past 10 years for mostly drug offenses.

    "Were you making meth?" asked Channel 9's Blaine Tolison.

    "No, sir. Get that thing out of my face," said Bunel.

    Investigators said Bunel had 323 grams of something called meth oil, which is worth about $30,000 on the street.

    In addition to drugs, investigators also found a mirror hanging on a tree the suspects claim was to keep an eye on traffic when they backed out of their driveway, but authorities said it was to keep an eye on authorities who may have been near the home.  

    This home has been a source of complaints from neighbors who suspect it has been connected to drug dealing and other crimes.

    "We have a young child and their disregard for our safety is just sad," said neighbor Renee Durance. "It's a shame, and it's frustrating."

    Investigators said they even got calls from people who bought drugs at the home.

    "There were customers that weren't happy with the product or weren't happy with the people here and they contacted the police, if you can believe that," said Lt. Danny Dietrich of the South Daytona Beach Police Department.

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    4 arrested after meth lab found in South Daytona Beach home