• Free homes available in downtown Orlando, with a catch


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Four historic homes are free for the taking in downtown Orlando. The only catch is you'll have to pay to move them.

    The homes on Washington Street need to be relocated so the city can expand Lake Eola Park. Albert Karlson said he couldn't help but cruise by to get a look at the homes being offered up for free, but it didn't take him long to realize what many other people drawn to the offer already have.

    "I think it's going to end up they get destroyed. It's just too big of a problem to go ahead and move them," said Karlson.

    One of the biggest problems with moving the homes is that they are 30 feet wide, 5 feet wider than the road they'd be moved out on.

    "Right around over here we have this big oak tree over here. The power lines over there would just be a nightmare," said real estate expert Alex Sadowski.

    Although a free home may sound enticing, Sadowski said the deal doesn't make financial sense.

    "Anybody who owns an old home will tell you there's always something falling apart or breaking at the seams. Imagine what would happen if you actually had to pick it up and shake it up a little bit while you're moving it," Sadowski said.

    Potential buyers have until Dec. 28 to put $100,000 into an escrow account to show they're serious. But when all the costs of buying a new lot and moving a house are added up the price tag is expected to top $300,000. That's more than Karlson said he would consider paying for a nearly 100-year-old home.

    "Me? No! I wouldn't want an old house! I want something new," Karlson said.

    One mover who looked into the job even considered floating the homes over Lake Eola, but said the lake isn't deep enough for a barge.

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    Free homes available in downtown Orlando, with a catch