• Gas pedal sticks as BMW hits 100 mph on I-95 in Fellsmere, driver says

    By: Kelly Healey


    FELLSMERE, Fla. - A driver in Fellsmere called 911 Monday after he said the gas pedal on his SUV got stuck as he drove on I-95.


    The BMW SUV hit 100 mph as Joseph Cooper, 28, spoke with the 911 operator.


    Cooper: "Ah, yes ma'am. I believe my gas pedal is stuck in my car."


    911 operator: "I need you to try and turn on your cruise."


    Cooper: "I'm trying, ma'am. (Expletive), I'm about to hit somebody!"


    Cooper traveled about 50 miles, dodging other drivers.


    Cooper: "I'm switching right lanes right now. Get out the way!"


    Authorities cleared traffic and deployed stop sticks multiple times.


    Dispatch: "He's going about 100 miles an hour."


    After several attempts, authorities stopped the SUV.


    Officer: "Deployment was successful. Guy seemed shaken up. A little disturbed. The car was smoking when we came up to it."


    BMW said the incident was “implausible.” The company said the SUV had multiple safeguards, including software to override the accelerator.


    The automaker said it will work with authorities to investigate.


    Cooper was treated and released from a hospital.

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