• George Zimmerman awaiting judge's ruling on second bond attempt


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The former neighborhood watch leader who killed Trayvon Martin is still waiting to find out whether a judge will grant him another chance at bond.

    Judge Kenneth Lester is still reviewing evidence before he issues his written ruling on whether George Zimmerman will get another chance at bond.

    Attorney Mark O'Mara is also waiting to hear what's next for his client.

    If the judge grants a new bond, they'll likely start working with a bondsmen to get him out.

    Zimmerman is still in protective custody at the Seminole County Jail. He's been locked up 29 days.

    "He wants out. He wants to be able to be with Shellie. He's very worried about his wife. We'll deal with it no matter what the judge's ruling," said O'Mara.

    Zimmerman's bond was revoked last month because credit union statements show his wife, Shellie, transferred more than $100,000 out of his account to hers days before his first bond hearing.

    Then she told the court the couple was broke.

    Shellie Zimmerman is now charged with perjury.

    During his second bond hearing, Zimmerman didn't take the stand to explain the alleged conspiracy.

    But WFTV's legal analyst doesn't think it'll make a difference as to whether he gets a new bond.

    "The judge certainly recognizes Mr. Zimmerman's Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. He's not going to hold that against him," said Bill Sheaffer.

    "Avoidance and delay" is a term used when defense attorneys drag out cases, and clients are only OK with that if they're out of jail on bond, said Sheaffer.

    Sheaffer thinks Zimmerman will get a new bond, but suspects it'll be much higher than the $150,000 bond the first time.

    "This judge is well studied. He's going to issue a well reasoned order," said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer. "Client sitting in jail your client is pushing you to get this case done. Client's out of jail, he'll listen to you let you practice avoidance and delay."

    During his second bond hearing on Friday, O'Mara argued his client should get out of jail because he's neither dangerous nor a flight risk.

    The defense said Zimmerman was the victim. His father, Robert, insisted it was his son screaming in the background of 911 calls the night of the shooting.

    The paramedic who treated Zimmerman said Zimmerman was badly beaten.

    "A good 45 percent of his head and face were covered in blood," said Kevin O'Rourke, of Sanford Fire Rescue.

    Zimmerman now has $211,000 in his defense fund and his attorney is ready to clean it out if he has to.

    "I'm presuming that those people who have shown support will continue to because it will take a lot of money to get him out and to put up a defense," said O'Mara.

    If Zimmerman is released, he'll once again go into hiding as he did after he was released the last time.

    WFTV learned that if Zimmerman's bond is set too high, he will have the right to appeal.

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