• George Zimmerman helps rescue family from overturned vehicle


    SANFORD, Fla. - George Zimmerman is back in the spotlight after he jumped in to help victims of a crash on Interstate 4 near State Road 46 in Sanford last week.

    A man, woman and their two children were in the SUV when it crashed about 5:45 p.m.

    Robert Zimmerman Jr. said this is how the Zimmerman boys were raised so he expects nothing less.

    His brother and another person were driving down I-4 in Seminole County when they saw the accident and stopped to help.

    Only July 13, George Zimmerman learned his fate inside a Sanford courtroom – not guilty.

    Just four days later, during his travels as a free man, he and another person came across a rolled-over SUV at an I-4 interchange in Seminole County, reports state.

    According to reports, they stopped and immediately helped the people trapped in a Ford Explorer.

    "I was not surprised. No one in our family's surprised. That sounds a lot like something that George would do," said Robert Zimmerman.

    Robert Zimmerman said there was at least one person that George Zimmerman pulled out of the car himself. The person in the car was very vocal about recognizing George as the person that helped, Robert Zimmerman said.

    Seminole County sheriff's deputies identified two people in the SUV as Dana and Mark Gerstle of Port Orange.

    Deputies said there were two others with them and no one was hurt. Some passers-by called for help.

    "It looked like it flipped on its side. There are other people stopped but we're not able to stop," said a caller to 911.

    George Zimmerman himself never called 911, his brother said.

    His brother said he stayed on scene until emergency crews arrived and then left.

    "I think someone going through what he's gone through and with the reaction to this verdict, to still maintain his principal of just being a guy who's going to help out people in need, I think that is awesome," said Zimmerman's former defense attorney Mark O'Mara.

    WFTV reached out to the people involved in the crash but they have not returned calls or emails.

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    George Zimmerman helps rescue family from overturned vehicle