• George Zimmerman trial F.A.Q.


    Channel 9 has received multiple emails, phone calls and social media messages from viewers asking to clarify a number of items related to George Zimmerman's second degree murder trial. Below is a list of those questions and answers to help you along.


    What are the jury instructions?

    PDF: Jury Instructions


    Where’s the live feed?

    LINK: http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream/


    What happens if the jury cannot reach a verdict in the George Zimmerman trial?

    If the jury deliberating in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial tells Judge Debra Nelson it cannot reach a verdict, she will read them an Allen Charge.

    What's an Allen Charge? An Allen Charge is a strongly worded reminder given by a judge to a jury that is hung or divided, and it can only be read once during deliberations.

    Ultimately, the jury decides how long it will continue deliberations. If jurors still cannot reach a verdict, Nelson will declare a mistrial and the state will be free to try the case with a new jury.


    How many alternates replaced? How many of original jury still stands? Who’s on the jury?

    Click Here for list of jurors and their profiles


    Why are there six on the jury and not 12?

    It’s not a capital murder case.


    Does jury know jail time for each guilty charge before they decide?

    They are not told the penalties.


    How much notice will we get before the verdict is read?

    There is no word on how long the court will wait before announcing the verdict once it is in.


    How do I sign up for a mobile alert?

    On the top right of WFTV.com, you'll see the word "Mobile." Click on it to sign up for an account. Once signed up, you can manage what alerts you would like to receive.


    Does the jury get paid by day? Or at all?

    Jurors who are regularly employed and receive regular wages during jury duty are not entitled to compensation for the first three days of jury service.

    Jurors who are not regularly employed or who do not receive regular wages during jury duty are entitled to $15 per day for the first three days of jury service.

    Jurors who serve more than three days will be paid by the state for the fourth and subsequent days of service at the rate of $30 per day regardless of employment status.

    Jurors will not receive compensation for mileage.

    Click Here for Seminole County jury duty information


    Will jury deliberate on Sunday?

    It's possible, but the judge has not said at this time.


    Why is WFTV’s deliberation clock an hour behind?

    A court spokeswoman said they paused deliberations for an hour for lunch, and WFTV is not counting that hour.

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