• Gov. Scott campaigning hard for re-election; Crist short on public appearances


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The race for Florida governor is 10 months away, and Channel 9's Kenneth Craig learned Gov. Rick Scott is clearly in the game, crisscrossing the state in recent weeks.

    Scott held cabinet meetings in Kissimmee, touted new jobs in DeLand and on Tuesday, proposed tax cuts in Orlando.

    Former governor Charlie Crist has been relatively quiet since he announced his candidacy. He's made a few public appearances but reportedly has no campaign manager or even a campaign headquarters.

    "Rick Scott is steadily marching uphill and the Charlie Crist campaign seems to be marching in place," said WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong. "For whatever reason, Charlie Crist has been missing in action from this campaign so far."

    But Crist is still narrowly leading, in some recent polls by a two-point margin, and analysts have taken notice between the two candidates.

    Foglesong said Scott has that fixed gaze, "that robotic lake effect of his," while Crist has a "Bill Clinton-like, charmer personality."

    Foglesong believes the race will likely come down to the wire, with Scott promoting jobs and Crist criticizing him for not bringing enough to the state.

    Crist is expected at a private fundraiser in south Florida Tuesday night, but nothing has apparently been scheduled for the public, Craig said.

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