• Gov. Scott pressed on Expressway Authority scandal


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Gov. Rick Scott is answering some tough questions in the wake of the Expressway Authority scandal.

    On Wednesday, former board member Marco Pena pleaded guilty to breaking the open meetings law.

    Hours later, a grand jury returned indictments for Scott Batterson, former state Rep. Chris Dorworth and his girlfriend, Rebekah Hammond.

    Investigative reporter Christopher Heath asked the governor if he has any regrets about appointing Batterson and Pena.

    The governor said it all comes down to accountability but would not say he made a mistake in selecting two members, one who has already pleaded guilty and another who is right now facing four charges, including three felonies.

    Batterson is facing four charges, including bribery.

    During a campaign stop in Orlando on Thursday, Heath asked the governor about his appointees and their legal trouble.

    "Do you feel like you missed something when you appointed Pena and Batterson?" asked Heath.

    "I expect every public official that I appoint to do a good job and care about the citizens of whatever state they are working on," said Scott.

    Pena was appointed to the board after a failed bid for the legislature. Batterson's appointment in 2011 was met with criticism due to his connections to many of the same companies that do business with the Expressway Authority.

    On Thursday, Scott praised the work of the grand jury and State Attorney Jeff Ashton in bringing the indictments but stopped short of criticizing his appointees. 

    "My goal is, whoever I appoint, that they live up to the highest standards," said Scott.

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    Gov. Scott pressed on Expressway Authority scandal