Grandparent says McDonald's Minion toy speaks profanity

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A Seminole County family contacted Channel 9 after the Minion toy they got from a McDonald's happy meal sounded like it was speaking profanity.

The popular Minion character originated from the movie "Despicable Me" and a toy version that talks comes with McDonald's happy meals.

But when grandparent Bradley Merten ordered a happy meal from a Longwood McDonald's, he was shocked to hear the Minion toy saying what he believes is profanity.

Raw: Minion toy talks apparent profanity

"It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity," Merten said. "I can't believe it's coming out of a toy."

Merten said the Minion toy sounds like it's saying, 'What the f---.' He was very concerned that his granddaughter could pick up on the phrase.

"(They should) check their toys before they hand them over," Merten said.

WFTV purchased a happy meal to see if another minion toy said the same phrase, but it didn't.