• Group works to save stray cats before land is bulldozed in Daytona


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Animal lovers in Daytona are worried about a plan to clear some land that's home to more than 130 cats.

    Halifax Hospital owns the wooded area next to its facilities in Daytona and as contractors place their bids for demolition, Channel 9's Karla Ray learned time to rescue those cats is running out.

    Kym Bass of Rescue A Life spends around $700 every month in cat food, feeding animals across Daytona Beach.

    Rescue A Life has been feeding for about 12 years behind Kmart, and these cats are fixed, they have their shots, and they all have names,” she said.

    The patch of land, however, is set to be cleared for development, and the deadline for bids is just two weeks away.

    “These domestic cats, who we pet, they're not all feral, are basically going to be plowed over,” said Bass.

    Bass and others from Rescue A Life have been trying to take in the cats, and they’re even looking to purchase land for them to live on.

    The group is using traps to capture the cats, but so far they've only been able catch a little more than a dozen.

    Bass said if demolition starts next month, dozens of cats will die.

    “That's why we got to get going on this, we really do,” she said. “It takes money. It's not free.”

    Bass insists the majority of the cat population is not feral, but domestic cats that were abandoned during the tough economy.

    Either way, she hopes to save as many as possible before the woods are bulldozed.

    “If you're an animal person, it's hard to swallow,” she said.

    Hospital officials have no definite plans for the land yet.

    The Halifax Humane Society is teaming up with a local clinic to spay, neuter and vaccinate every cat that the group catches.

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    Group works to save stray cats before land is bulldozed in Daytona