• Groups at odds over Confederate flag display in Brevard County Library


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A controversial display that includes a Confederate battle flag is now up at the Brevard County Library.
    The display comes just days after the NAACP complained the display would be offensive.
    Mitch Morgan, who is one of the those behind the display told Channel 9's Vanessa Welch that  his is a history buff, not a member of a hate group.

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    He said that the story of the Civil War can't be told without the Confederate battle flag because it symbolizes the bravery of the men who died in battle.
    Chinon Council disagrees.
    "The flag is a bit much," Council said.
    For Morgan, the flag symbolizes bravery
    "The reason we give prominence to that flag is we had so many people who died under it, including my ancestors. I had great- and triple-great-grandpas who died on the battlefield in Florida, and that is why it means so much to me," Morgan said.
    Morgan is with the Confederate Sons Association. He said the flag has been part of their display at the library for the last 10 years during Confederate History Month
    "I'm completely blown away because we have never had anything but positive comments from it," Morgan said.
    Despite NAACP complaints to the Brevard County Commission, commissioners voted against changing the library's rules for displays, citing concerns about First Amendment rights.
    "We are not a hate group. We are historians. We are history buffs, and we have a right to honor our ancestors," Morgan said.  
    Morgan said he made a few changes to the display by adding images of other national flags.
    He said he plans to meet with members of the NAACP and let them know that his group means no harm and has no evil intent.
    Library officials said they have created their own display highlighting the union, to put the Civil War into context

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